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Handlebar Mount (fits 7/8" thru 1 1/4" )

Part Number 3-30912C
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This is our 3rd generation mounting system. We were able to combine all of the current production handlebar sizes from 7/8 (22mm) up to 1 (32mm) into one mount system. This allows it to fit virtually every motorcycle with tubular handlebars. Requires only of handlebar space and can be mounted at any angle. Available in Chrome, Black or Silver. Having no need for a shaft, makes this mount system very strong and very compact. Mounting Garmin ZUMO 660 requires P/N 60007 ZUMO Top Plate!
Installation Information

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3-30912C PIC1
3-30912C Mounted photo1
3-30912c pic2
3-30912C mounted photo2
3-30912C pic3
3-30912C mounted on Harley
3-30912C w HR1230 & cell phone
3-30912C w HR1230 & cell phone
3-30912C w shaft
3-30912C w shaft
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Handlebar mount catalog page
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