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General Information
High Gear Specialties Unveils Tech-Gripper
August 20, 2014

Winter Garden, Fl., Aug 20, 2014 – High Gear Specialties, known for its Techmounts brand of mounting systems and accessories, has collaborated with several of their industry partners to develop Tech-Gripper, a unique universal personal device holder that transcends transportation markets worldwide. “The product was born out of the massive adoption of smart phones as personal computers” stated Philip Rispoli, VP Business Development at the high-tech design and manufacturer. Rispoli continued, “Cell phones are responsible for handing everything from voice, email, messaging, music, GPS navigation, pictures, movies, search and almost anything else you can think of and have become a necessity in everyday life for all age groups and demographics. The need to carry and wear your device where ever you go is growing exponentially”.

Techmounts has built a reputation in the motorcycle and marine markets for designing American made mounting systems for GPS, Cell Phones, note pads, iPods etc. The company’s products are designed in-house and manufactured at the company’s facility in Orlando Florida. The company boasts an array of precision Mazak Bar Feed Turning Centers and manufactures all their components out of high grade Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Composite materials. Up until now the company has concentrated on making OEM base mounts as well as retail mount components that are highly integrated with every motorcycle manufactured today. The company has partnered with 3rd party cradle companies as well as smart phone case manufacturers and integrated the Techmount mounting solutions to each cradle, case manufacturer or other.

“We see a significant change in the market” stated Mike Lee, Founder and Chief Designer at Techmounts. “In the past we enabled any cradle or case manufacture to bolt up to our stylish and functional mounting systems and it worked. We continue to do that with our new 4G line of base mounting systems. However, today there is a shift where we see a much broader need for a secure, universal personal device holder. A device holder simple and easy enough to use that it can enable the market quicker and ease the decision making process for retail buyers worldwide. One that is secure has a small form factor and can set itself apart from a sea of lower quality plastic copy-cats. One can fit any smart phone or note-style smart phone device with or without any manufacturer’s case. Tech-Gripper was designed to meet those requirements”.

In addition to Tech-Gripper being a universal personal device holder, the product was also designed with the ability for OEM’s, retailers, clubs and groups to insert a customized logo; branding the product. This makes the Tech-Gripper when not in use a marketing tool for a client’s brand. No other personal device holder has that thoughtful built in capability. This is just one more reason why Techmounts rises to the top of OEM’s and retailers worldwide.

KEY FEATURES and BENEFITS of the Tech-Gripper;

• Quality you can Feel, Reliability you can Count on
- The most stylish, sturdy and safest personal device holder in the industry.
• Five Axis of Quality
- Form, Fit, Function, Price and a Life-Time Warrantee covers it all.
• Lowest Rate of Returns and Highest Margins for Channel Partners and End-Users alike
• OEM’s Distributors and Dealers have less than 2% RMA’s, which means less headaches and more bottom line dollars.
• “Secure-for-Life” Technology
- Personal devices stay held even in extreme conditions
• Laser cut with “Fabric impregnated rubberized beadlets”
- Compresses the outside of case for a total “non-slip” glove fit
• Four expandable stainless steel rod inserts with custom progressive rate stainless springs
- Techmount created “Cross tension-Spring control” insures an opposing grip force for better control of each device while in holder. Holds personal devices from 2 inches to 4.2 inches

• Riders Servicing Riders
- Techmounts is owned, managed and serviced by riders for riders.

Techmounts Tech-Gripper has been test marketed at several rallies in 2014 and has sold out at each event. Product availability will be June 1. Motorcycle dealers can order directly from Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Twisted Throttle and Western Powersports. BMW dealers can purchase their Tech-Gripper from ZTechnik.

About High Gear Specialties

High Gear Specialties is the company behind the Techmounts brand. Since 1995, it has been crafting specialty products for motorcycle and powersports. High Gear Specialties manufactures and assembles its products in the United States, using the highest quality materials and fasteners it can source, with a goal of meeting or surpassing the quality of other OEM motorsports components.